Bring my childhood back

Here and there or here and elsewhere, as a Palestinians we are living this theme. The children in Palestine are part of it also. The war in the other side, the children are older than their ages. The children haven’t to be part of the war or the propaganda that get beside the war, just leave them alone, let them live their childhood. Keep the children away and be humans, don’t play the sympathy let them be strong by the education, not by giving them the microphone and let them act, just like the girl in the movie “here and elsewhere” by Jean-Luc Godard, showing a little kid that we didn’t understand what she is saying but she is shouting with a destroyed house behind her, and a script that she is following, she is losing her Innocence by acting and not saying what she really want maybe she want to play or to ride a bike she hates wars she loves her Barbie.
a kid if he is living a war I will take him an I will give him a bike and a good childhood
On the other hand this kid will always remember how the occupation killed his family, but he will think about it, to take revenge but till that time I will give him the childhood that he deserves. To talk about something and to show something in the same time that is not easy to keep the audience on track, but when you do that you start to let them think, that will be the revival to start, to think of what is really going on.
do not marginalize their childhood.
In Jerusalem there is a wall but it has nothing to do with the wall that we see every day it’s like the wall that we have in our front yard colored and has a stones on it, it’s beautiful, I asked my friend who lives there he said because of the children, the Israeli children, I was speechless, because they don’t what their kids to get afraid, and what we do?. It’s time to take things seriously and take the right decision. So I decided to finish my video with me singing in a lower tone with no noise, just like that peacefully.